This fast growing snowmobile apparel company is designed to keep the most serious snowmobilers reasonably happy…which is kind of hard to do. MotorFist is based in Idaho, surrounded by some of America’s greatest snow and the tallest mountains. So we know our snowmobile stuff, or we like to think we do. MotorFist is a one-stop shop that offers outerwear, mid and base layers, gloves, footwear and casual wear for men and women.

The MotorFist goodies are rugged and durable. They’re designed for ultimate comfort and style. In fact, their Stomper Boot was named the most breathable boot on the market. Say no to sweaty, armpit-smelling socks! The feature list of the Stomper is so long it’s impossible to even list them all without eating a meal in between. Some of the cutting edge technology they’ve implemented into these boots include: eVent Waterproof and Breathable Footwear Technology, TecTuff Technical Textured Leather, and 600 Gram Thinsulate Insulation. The Hi-Flex design of the Stompers provides for amazing movement. If you’re not riding around in Stompers this season, people might think you live under a rock. You will grow to appreciate your Stompers so much they will also double as your house slippers and tennis shoes.

Guys, let’s be honest. Sometimes the women in your life complain about having no cute options for snowmobile gear. To relieve you of the wife’s constant nagging, MotorFist has created the all new Empress line made just for those women in your life. This gear has a slimmer design with waterproof and breathable materials. Every piece of gear you’ll find on Empress was made with a woman in mind.

We didn’t leave the fellows hanging. MotorFist’s new Redline insulated gear is made for some of the most serious snowmobilers who tend to push the limit. Redline gear is waterproof, windproof, and breathable. The only thing it doesn’t protect you from are golden bullets. It’s that resilient and heavy duty…now that’s legit. If it’s not legit enough to be on then you can go to some other lame site and find it cause you won’t find it here! That kind of sounds mean, but we have good intentions.

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