St. Anthony Sand Dunes Idaho Information

A red Side by Side parked on the sandy dunes with two flags attached to its roof.

The St. Anthony Sand Dunes comprise more than 10,000 acres of quartz sand in the Snake River Plain in Idaho. The dunes can range from 10 feet tall to up to 400 feet tall. They are a popular destination in the summer for sand dune motorsports enthusiasts on ATVs and side-by-side UTVs. In the winter, they are a critical range for elk, deer and grouse. The big dunes are on the west side and include more technical steep riding opportunities including Choke Cherry, Devil's Dunes, and Dead Horse Bowl. The smaller dunes are located on the east side of the dunes and can be accessed most easily from the Red Road Area Access. Egin Lakes area is a good central location for accessing both the smaller dunes and the big dunes and is the closest access point to Thunder Mountain a.k.a. Crapo's Hill. Sand Hills resort is located at the east side of the sand dunes, which are accessible year-round (there can be considerable snow in the winter though). The big dunes are closed in the winter west of Thunder Mountain and Egin Lakes for winter habitat.


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Lodging and Camping

Sand Hills Resort (Located on East side of Dunes accessed by Salem Rd)

Idaho Dunes RV Park (Located on South East side of the dunes off of 500)

Egin Lakes Campground (Closest camping to the big dunes)

Free tent camping located at Red Road Area Access on the east side of sand dunes (BLM)

Rules and Regulations

Any vehicle on the dunes MUST have a flag that is at least 8 feet off the ground with a 6"x12" orange or red flag. A spark arrestor is also required. Fires and camping are restricted to designated sites and fire pits (except for limited fires near the red road). No burning of pallets or wood with nails or metal in it.

UTV Invasion Idaho Information

Every labor day weekend, UTV Invasion comes to the St. Anthony Idaho dunes. Expect to see lots of amazing machines, planned rides, drag races and contests, vendors, food, and more. It's been hosted a few different places over the years so check the website for the most up to date info on location and exact dates. 


Tanner Chadwick St Anthony Sand Dunes Jump